kensington public school, 77/79 doncaster ave, kensington
DZP provides the best dance instructors and most supportive dance program in Sydney for kids and teenagers.
Teaching thousands of students over the last 10 years, our team of dance instructors is well versed in connecting with our students to inspire, motivate and encourage students to fulfill their potential in dance. Teaching correct dance technique and style as well as being authentic to the genres which we teach.
Classes at Kensington Public School are held at recess and lunchtime in the school hall.
Jazz and Contemporary with Miss Debbie will teach your child the building blocks of dance along with some of DZP's most gorgeous choreographies!
Kensington Jazz & Contemporary W4
Starts Aug 17
Miss Valeria is ready to kick it at Kensington PS! Don't miss this high energy, fun dance class, held at lunchtime in the school hall, your child is literally going to LO...
Kensington Hip Hop W4
Starts Aug 14

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